I found The Drum School through the recommendation of a friend.

It was definetly a great recommendation. I decided to get drum lessons because I have always been interested and attracted to the drumset. I arrived at the School with a very basic knowledge (I had only gotten a couple of months of instruction before enrolling in the school). I have to say that my expectations with Dolf, my dear teacher, have definitely been exceeded.

Dolf is a very profesional instructor who concerns himself with your technique, teaching you each step of the way with the highest quality and care while respecting your practice time options and schedule. Dolf adapts himself to your personal musical taste, your pace and your needs.

The lessons are enjoyable, very educational, full of musical culture and taught with a practical method, with the necessary theory to help apply it to a practical situation.

My experience at the school has been fun, giving me the feeling of wanting to move along onto the next level and practice more and more. Most importantly, you feel you want to come back.

I defenetly recommend The Drum School and my great Drum teacher Dolf Sneijers to whomever wants to start learning drums whether they are starting from scratch or for those who want to deepen their knowledge.
Marta Fernandez, 36, Especial Education Teacher.

My experience at The Drum School has been very beneficial for me because, in my personal case, I came to the course with already a few years of experience playing drums but without ever really knowing what I was doing. I would almost just follow my intuition getting stuck everytime a Rhythm would get a little more complicated.

Now, thanks to the instruction at TDSS, I am able to write and read music and Rhythms. It has taken my playing to another level. I am even playing music styles that I thought where impossible to be played. Very different material from all I have been playing over the last years.

Another improved aspect that I definitely notice when I play is technique. I had never really focused on my technique before but it surrely is? as important as? rhythm.In fewer words, I want to say that I am quite happy with my lessons, with Dolf's teaching method and with how amazingly fast you learn in his lessons. Dolf is a very enjoyable and professional teacher.

I deeply recommend The Drum School to anyone wanting to learn or to improve his or her drumset playing!?

Gonzalo Belloso, 35, Administrative.

I started without any musical knowledge, playing the drums didn’t come easy to me. But after a little more than 3 months I was already reading music charts and starting to play my first tune!

Dolf is a very patient instructor making the lessons very pleasurable. He is able  to inspire me again when I get caught up and discouraged with a new rudiment.

Almost without even noticing, you evolve while enjoying this fun instrument.

Alejandro Nieto de Porres, 38, Teacher.


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